Tuesday, August 29, 2006

10,000 Signatures!!! 

Sonovista, my friends... its tuesday evening as i write, and i've just sent another update off to my savemsnbconxm announce list... as i mentioned previously, i've gotten very little feedback on my "daily" scribbles... an early comment (positive) from someone at MSNBC who thought i was funny (thanks... i am), and a complete missing of the point from the radio.about.com writer who threatened to withdraw his support for something he hadn't shown any support for (and which would hurt everyone who has signed the petition and not just the nut-job who writes these things... me!)

Anyway, here is today's mailing, sent out just a few minutes ago... we're legitimately up to about 425 signatures, which is great considering how amazingly little mention we're getting... but i was feeling depressed and was going to throw in the towel tonight, when i spoke with my friend sean who said, "don't do it... you're having too much fun... just make more shit up!"

which is always great advice... so instead of giving in, we're amping up the BS... we've gotten 10,000 signatures!!! that's my story and i'm sticking to it (grin)

in the meanwhile time is running down, so if you have any way to help us spread the word (either within or outside of XM), now is the time, por favor!

We'll be talking about this whole thing on tomorrow's Schnauzer Logic podcast (a big episode... #25) which you can reach using the link on the right.

until then, have fun!

To: announce@savemsnbconxm.com
From: Robin Diane Goldstein
Subject: UPDATE: 10,000 Signatures!!! (A Petition to Save MSNBC on XM)

Good Morning... As those of you who have been getting our daily emails know, our campaign has been engaged in quite a bit of controversy... Over this past weekend we secured what we believed to be the names, phone numbers and email addresses of every XM subscriber, and our bank of volunteers began the process of contacting each of them to ask for their support in our drive to Save MSNBC on XM.

Unfortunately, somewhere into the 10th hour of our telephone marathon (or "phone-a-mathon") we began to realize that the list we had secured was not a list of phone numbers, but a list of part numbers from the inventory of Manny, Moe & Jack (The 'Pep' Boys), who also use 10-digits to differentiate the exhaust manifold wing nuts from a 1973 Plymouth Reliant from the barium injected water clips on a 2006 Hyundai Mazera. The volunteers continued to call for another 5 hours after discovering the error, but their hearts weren't in it, and eventually they had to stop.

Fortunately the cause has taken on its own momentum fueled, in part, by the bloggers and writers from Inside Radio and the San Diego Radio News as well as Media Bistro, Lost Remote and The Daily Kos ,and as of Tuesday, August 29, 2006, we have managed to collect:

10,000 Signatures!!!

An amazing and unexpected accomplishment to be sure, especially considering that the number was closer to 400 only yesterday. But we checked and we checked, again, and sure enough, as of right now we have:

10,000 Signatures!!!

Unfortunately, a bug in the software at http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/savemsnbconxm makes it appear that there are only about 420 signatures (duude!.. which is pretty damn good considering we started this petition drive about a week ago).

But despite what the web page says, our independent auditors can confirm that as of today we have received:

10,000 Signatures!!!

Now, I know that some of the more skeptical members of the media are saying, "How do we know you aren't lying to us about the 10,000 Signatures?", which is an excellent question and to them I can only reply:

Candy... look.. look... its candy!!!

But here is the real problem we're facing, and we need your help (no, really...)

Yesterday I attempted to fax the 300+ signatures and comments we had received, up until that point (before we jumped all the way to 10,000 Signatures!!!) and found that the fax number at XM was busy from about 10am until well into the evening. Now, I'm certainly willing to print out the pages with all 10,000 Signatures!!! and mail them to XM's headquarters, but I was hoping to be able to fax updates directly to XM so that the decision makers could read what each of the signers had to say before they pull the plug. If anyone knows of a way to make sure that the folks at XM get a copy of all the pages of the petition, could you please send me an email?

You see, I've rarely been involved in this kind of grass-roots venture (I customize poodles for a living), and have been genuinely touched by the comments in the 10,000 Signatures!!! If you go to the petitionspot site you can read some of those that have been posted, and if you do, you'll see that MSNBC is not just another news outlet... very few people are commenting on the news updates but, instead, are loyal fans of the hosts of the different talk shows... talk shows that can not be heard anywhere else (but cable TV, something that almost no one has in their office or car). And, as Brian Mahoney points out out over on Inside Radio, in response to a comment in one of the signatures, which says:,

--- I support this petition because I listen to Countdown & Hardball daily and love Keith Olbermann. If XM drops MSNBC, I will drop XM. I got XM to listen to talk radio - not music - and I will not pay for a service that keeps right wing FOX and cancels MSNBC.--

"That (second) comment has yours truly intrigued-- how many others have signed up with XM or Sirius primarily for spoken word programming? With the exception of Stern on Sirius, I'd always assumed subscriptions were driven primarily by the musical offerings.

We're finding out something important, here, and those 10,000!!! of us who are fond of our XM radios continue hope that XM will find this out, too.

In the meantime, we could use as much exposure as possible, if not to change XM's mind, then to help another outlet see the intrinsic and unique value in MSNBC (especially as we come up on the mid-term elections and regardless of whether you think Olbermann is funny).

We have not yet begun to fight! (But we're well along the road to making stuff up!)

With kindest personal regards
Robin Diane Goldstein, Chairwoman

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I'm glad to see SOMEBODY out there is fighting to keep MSNBC on XM Radio. I have already told XM Radio not to renew my account when my term is up. I am not interested in XM Radio if it doesn't have MSNBC. MSNBC led me to get XM Radio, and without it I have no use for it.... though I will miss the sports.
I'll sign. How do I do it?
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