Friday, August 25, 2006

Can someone explain people like -this- to me? 

Sonovista, my friends!

you know, i'm always surprised that some people seem to have an infinite capacity to be jerks... there's a 'poster' over at xmfan.com who has been crapping on every post i've made regarding our little attempt to get XM to change their mind about MSNBC... and when i called him out on it the first time, he said he liked the channel... so go figure...

then, tonight, i made a quick post letting folks know that we've gotten almost 300 signatures in the few days we've been at this (with no real publicity), but no response from XM, and that my gut tells me that this means that the 'story' about low ratings is an excuse (the ratings may be low, but not the lowest of 150 channels), and so there's clearly another reason at work, and here's what the jerk felt the need to write (at about midnight, friday night, his time):

I know what it means. It means nobody listened. 298 signatures out of 7 million (oops make that 14 million since there are about 2 listeners per hh) have signed the petition.

And it has to do with both ratings (the lack of) and money (the cornerstone of any business). How dare they try to make money with this whole thing. Those bastards!!!

Say...I've sent 5 emails to MSNBC and they haven't responded to a single one of them so following your logic this would have nothing to do with XM but with MSNBC trying to make money. How dare they!!!

as the little kid who plays a young woody allen in annie hall, says, when introduced to Joey Nichols, "what an asshole"

but i'm at home, alone, on a friday night, too, so i felt the need to reply (but won't rise to any further bait), with the following:

you know, this is the second time you've crapped on one of my posts (and mischaracterized what i wrote)... what's the problem here? you wrote that you didn't want to see the channel go away... and i didn't say it was the most popular... my position is that it isn't the least popular...

do you have a clue about how public polls work? there is a multiplier at work... this isn't voting where every subscriber gets a ballot (and even then, marketing folks are thrilled to get a 10-20% return rate)... 300 signatures translates to 1000's of listeners (perhaps 10's of thousands)... and thousands of listeners for one channel out of 150 is significant... perhaps not significant enough for XM to keep the channel (there are always $$$ considerations), but my thesis is that the original argument that MSNBC doesn't have the ratings is B*S*... there's something else at play... if there weren't XM would have said so to TV Newser...

my guess (a -guess-... not -fact-) is that XM didn't expect to get a significant response... they need the bandwidth for something else that will make them $ and they figured that if the arbitron ratings for MSNBC were showing low numbers, nobody would care... but they're clearly getting some phone calls and some PR and folks signing the petition and now they're just going to sit on their thumbs and say nothing and assume this will all pass and they can do whatever they have planned...

and they can...

some people will leave but most will stay...

but in the long run they weaken customer loyalty... one crappy decision doesn't (usually) destory a company... but over time you piss off a lot of little special interest groups, and one morning you wake up and you're out of business...

but what the f*ck do i know? i'm just one person out of 14 milli... no wait... half those families just had babies!!! i'm just one person out of 21 million customers!

you're right... trying is not only a waste of time... its evil and selfish.

i'm sorry

i should have stuck with "what an asshole"

but between you and me (or me and me, since i don't think that anyone else is reading this), i am having so much fucking fun with this project... not that i think there'll be any actual change, though we live in hope!... but because this has energized my brain... it feels like every neuron is firing and ideas are flying and i have an amazing amount of energy... and its great to know i can feel this way about something, even a silly little project... its a feeling i need to hold on to for the next thing i undertake for my own benefit!

and bed awaits... 300 tomorrow... we're throwing a party!


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