Friday, August 25, 2006

Day 5 - Friday Update 

Sonovista, my friends... And welcome to everyone who's interested in helping to Save MSNBC programming on XM Satellite Radio, and to all the loyal listeners of Schnauzer Logic.

First, if you haven't already done so, please click on the link on the right and Sign the Petition.

Second, if you haven't already done so, please call XM @ 202-380-4094 and tell them you're mad as hell, etc etc etc.

Third, if you have any ideas on how to get greater publicity for this campaign so we can reach more people (preferably people who are or plan to be XM subscribers), send your suggestions to petition@savemsnbconxm.com And make sure to tell your XM-subscriber friends at the next SatUp.

And finally, if you've done all that, take a moment to read the "daily" emails, posted below, that i've been sending to an ever-widening list of folks who don't seem to be able to help, but at least have written to say they're being entertained by my rambling prose. That's a good thing, right?

It ain't over until we lose!

Tuesday's Update (sent to the media on August 22, 2006)

Good Morning... As you may know, a petition requesting that XM Satellite Radio reverse/revise their decision to drop MSNBC programming on Channel 130 has been posted on the internet at http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/savemsnbconxm (the internet & petitions... what a great combination!)

Filtering out the multiple signatures I've received from G.W. Bush and B. O'Reilly (in their multitude of forms and spellings), and other various and sundry cartoon characters (who are, apparently, big fans), as of this morning, less than 24 hours after posting and with no publicity other than a link on the XMFAN and XM411 web sites, there are over 100 signatures, which means...

I have absolutely no idea...

I guess what it means is that people who watch and listen to MSNBC are passionate, and that the programming on MSNBC plays an integral part in the way they get their news. And for at least some of them, MSNBC was a reason to get XM instead of Sirius.

Now I'm a big kid and realize that XM is a business and MSNBC is a business and there may be all kinds of double-secret special reasons behind this programming change that no amount of signatures (even 200!!!) will change... Heck, even Drudge has posted some unsubstantiated rumors (no, really!)...

The point is, if the -only- reason to drop MSNBC from XM is "ratings" then there are some dedicated XM subscribers (and MSNBC fans) with very desirable demographics (I know this because Drudge told me so) who would like it to be known that they are willing to click on a link to let their deepest thoughts be known.

On the other hand, if bags of money and small packages of a white crystalline powder have already exchanged hands and there's nothing to be done, would you please let me know so I can close the petition? I have to manually "approve" every entry with a comment (which is almost -all- of them, and worth reading, I must say!), and this is greatly affecting my nap time.

With kindest personal regards
Robin Diane Goldstein

Wednesday's Update (sent to the media on August 23, 2006)

Good Morning... remember yesterday, when I joked about our little grass roots effort to save MSNBC on XM and how we had gotten 100 signatures in 24 hours and if we dared to dream we might someday, maybe, hopefully, reach 200 signatures? remember? (hell, it was only yesterday... how much email do you folks get?)

Well, if you dare to dream small enough, your dreams can come true!

As of this morning 208 people have found the moral courage (and just enough control of their index finger) to push a button on a web page in support of our little campaign. Just think of it?! 208 brave Americans (and a couple of Canadians) who aren't afraid to let it be known that they want to listen to the audio from a basic cable news channel on their car radio... Take THAT bad people of the world who hate our freedoms!

But seriously... do you know what this means? It means that we're adding about 100 signatures a day... Now I'm no math wizard (no, seriously... they made me give back the tall pointy hat and the wand-thing with the star on the end), but at this rate we'll have 36500 in one year and and 365000 signatures in ten years and by the year 2086 every man, woman and blorg (shhh... you'll find out) will have signed our petition to keep MSNBC on XM. What do you think the folks at XM will do then, huh?

So we soldier on. Yesterday some very nice folks at The Daily Kos and TV Newser and Lost Remote put a link to our petition on their web pages. And last night I started an online web journal (you might think of it as a web log or "weblo") to chronicle this little quixotic adventure. You can read it over at http://www.savemsnbconxm.com.

And that's it for today... Tomorrow we'll look into what happens if we don't manage to reverse XM's decision... How does a satellite channel get turned off? Is there some kind of big explosion in the sky that we'll all be able to see? THAT would be cool! Or is it just like when the bug zapper on the back porch use to get all clogged up and the lights in the house would dim and there'd be this kind of sweet/smokey smell... Sigh... I remember mama...

Anyway, thanks for listening... Please spread the word... And let us know if there's anyone we should add to our distribution list... Hardball is coming up next...

With kindest personal regards
Robin Diane Goldstein

Friday's Update (sent to the media on August 25, 2006)

Good Morning... As we reported in yesterday's update, coverage of our little campaign to save MSNBC on XM has garnered world-wide attention with journalists from over 137 countries (+/-136.5) calling to ask, "Who is Ms. NBC?" and "What is an XM?" and "Does this look infected to you?" We're also pleased to report that our efforts will be the subject of a cover story in an upcoming issue of Atlantic Monthly (the actual month to be determined sometime in 2008).

On a positive note, random people with articulated digits continue to stumble half-naked and vaguely smelling of ObsessionĀ® and Armor-AllĀ® into our website/web-log(weblo)/club house over at http://www.savemsnbconxm.com where volunteers are waiting with blank powers of attorney (power of attorneys?) and a hot meal.

As of today (August 25, 2006), Two Hundred and Eighty Two (282) electronic signatures have been received, almost all with detailed comments.

Some show amazing insight, such as Nevada State Senator Bob Coffin (holy crap!) who wrote:

Unbelievable that you would drop the best political coverage in the nation by losing Chris Mathews and Keith Olberman. Movers and shakers in DC and state capitols all over the country count on them for their political fix. They are not just news but interpreters of the news. They force people to speak forthrightly. You might lose me and my five subscriptions over this. What fools you are becoming!!!!

Some are simply passionate, such as Chyna Bell who wrote:

If XM has to drop a news station, they should drop Fox. Biased, uninteresting news sucks.

And some are merely confused, such as Jason Nathanson, who wrote:

I like soup.

You can (and if you're XM, -should-) read them all at http://petitionspot.com/petitions/savemsnbconxm

But whatever their expression of commitment, one thing is absolutely clear:

After a week of pounding the cyber-asphalt we've gotten only 282 signatures!!! What's up with that? The hippie kid standing outside the Whole Foods last night asking for signatures to Free Nelson Mandella (I didn't have the heart to tell him) had over 500 signatures... -and -a non-fat, soy chai-latte that someone had bought him from Starbucks (a proud partner of XM Satellite radio).

So we need your help in spreading the word.

If you're XM Satellite Radio, we'd like to ask you to create a promo for our campaign and run it on Channel 130... you can bill us... we're good for the money.

If you're a journalist/webmaster/web-logger, please give us a little front-page exposure and direct folks to http://www.savemsnbconxm.com (Come on... its a slow news day... that guy who did that thing is back in that place and they won't do anything to him at least until Monday)

And If you're MSNBC, be brave... be strong... mommy's just gone to the store for a pack of smokes... she'll be back soon (shhh....)

Anyway, thanks for listening... Please help us to spread the word... And remember the battle cry of one of the faithful who wrote, 'This is about Freedom of the Press"!!!

(uh, no... no its not... its about money... and ego... but mostly money...)


With kindest personal regards
Robin Diane Goldstein, Chairwoman

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