Tuesday, September 12, 2006

800 Signatures and a Call from Kevin Straley 

Sonovista, my friends! Well, a few hours ago we broke through the 800 signature mark (802 as I type this entry). A Mr. Tommy Saunders of Fort Lee, New Jersey, who wrote, "Dear, Rosanne Rosannadanna..."

No, that's not right... But congratulations to all of us... It's hard to say that it's "working" because the goal of this exercise is the return of MSNBC to XM, and right now I'm watching ol' KeiBo on the tube instead of listening to him no my XM radio while driving to the hospital to help a patient of mine deliver a baby... We all have to set our priorities...

But I did get a call this afternoon from The Reverand Dr. Kevin Straley, QC, MP, VP of Talk/News Programming at XM... A summary of our conversation can be drawn as follows:

1. People are calling and are passionate and articulate.
2. XM is out of space and have added new channels and something had to go.
3. The calls and letters and petition have raised awareness and Kevin admitted that 800 signatures was a "good number".
4. XM has no plans to restore the channel in the next week or month, but is looking and listening.

In other words, a nice 8 minute conversation where nothing substantive happened and no changes were made.

Good Times!

Kevin did say that XM has brought two things back before, Liquid Metal and the Dave Ramsey show. I suggested that MSNBC had an even stronger case to be brought back since (a) it couldn't be streamed on XM's site (like LM was) and (b) Dave Ramsey is syndicated and can be heard elsewhere, unlike MSNBC which was an XM exclusive.

In any event, here's what I took away (just my impressions)... XM did not expect the vocal opposition they've been receiving and would consider bringing MSNBC back if they could be convinced that folks would trade MSNBC for "E!" or something else (a zero-sum game)... But a new contract with MSNBC would have to be put in place for this to happen (he also said it was a matter of "t-t-t-timing", which is why, I assume, the channel was pulled on the first Monday of September).

So, we need to keep up the pressure on XM to let them know we -still- want them to reverse their decision. Call Kevin (202-380-4378) if you haven't done so, and let him hear from you directly. Also, keep sending email to XM, including their "brass" (see addresses in posts below)... Kevin didn't make this decision by himself.

Also I think we need to put pressure on MSNBC (I could be wrong, and haven't seen the contract, but there may be some flexibility in how MSNBC gets programmed that they weren't willing to give up.) I'll get the right folks at MSNBC and post their names and addresses here for you to write to.

And that's it... As I would have told that patient in labour, "Keep Pushing"!!!

more later

This is just an assumption, but I doubt cnbc could have more listeners than msnbc. I'm pretty sure that they don't have more viewers.
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