Friday, September 22, 2006

L'Shana Tova to all our Jewish Friends at XM and MSNBC 

like... uh... um... damn... i can't think of a single schwartz-o-witz-en-stein-mc-berg on either side... who says jews control the media? (well, a lot of antisemetic wackos, i guess)

tomorrow, 9/23, is the first day of Fall (the Autumnal Equinox), the jewish new year of 5767, and the birthday of bruce springsteen, ray charles, john coltrane and me... and what do i want for my birthday?

(and a pony)

and it looks like i may just be getting what i want... i hear they're backing up a horse trailer even as i type... man... i love the smell of oats in the morning... it smells like... well, like oats, frankly, but oaty smelling oats is some kind of victory, no?

on the other hand, all is quiet on the XM front... there is a clear lesson that if you stay silent after an unpopular decision, you can generally ride it out... there may be consequences in the long run, but in the short run there won't be any blame or accountability... for example, i know that if you call XM and tell them that you're going to cancel your service because they dropped MSNBC they will give you 3 free months... don't believe me? go and try it... that's $36 they're giving every subscriber who isn't happy... assuming we have 1000 subscribers who call (about the number on the petition) that's a give-away of $36,000 with no guarantee that you'll keep the subscriber... if every signature on the petition represents 10 subscribers (not unreasonable) that's $360,000 they're willing to give away to keep the peace... does that make sense? to give away more than a quarter of a million dollars? how much did MSNBC cost them to carry?

anyway, according to one person who contacted XM, there is someone who is interested in keeping some of the MSNBC programming... according to Maureen:

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 21:54:54 EDT
Subject: Response from XM
To: robin@savemsnbconxm.com

Hi, and my sincere thanks for taking the initiative to try to save MSNBC on XM!

I'd signed your petition, and made several phone calls to XM, then pretty much gave up and was prepared to unsubscribe from XM.

But this afternoon, I was extremely -- and pleasantly -- surprised to receive a call from XM's Scott Walterman (SP?).

We spoke at length, and he said he is trying to persuade his boss to at least keep Countdown and Hardball on XM. Meanwhile, he's endeavoring to find "a place" (channel) for those two shows.

He also explained that MSNBC garnered very few listeners, relatively, and, to paraphrase, didn't earn its keep. (Seems they have 'X' amount of channels, and must allocate them according to audience demand.)

He seemed sincere about trying to find a place for Olbermann and Matthews -- let's just hope it happens!

Again, thanks for picking up the ball and running with it.

Fort Lauderdale

well, it turns out that scott is responsible for 'News" programming at XM, so i sent him an email (and one to hugh panero as well) asking them who the best person would be to focus our efforts so that we don't simply keep bombarding the entire XM staff... if someone is collecting stats, we're better off concentrating on that person... and you know what scott and hugh said?

dunno... still waiting for any kind of a response...

you can try yourself, though!

the addresses are:


and feel free to see if hugh will respond to you... you're a subscriber, this is a business:


and that's it! i'll be shutting down the petition shortly... i still have to manually accept every signature and at this point i think XM gets the message and simply doesn't care... i'll leave the blog open for a while, though, as a place for folks to publish any new information... in the meanwhile i wish each and every one of you a very happy Yom Tov and a sweet new year... i've gotta run... i've got some pony shit i've got to clean up!


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