Wednesday, September 06, 2006

One-Time Email / Open Thread 

Sonovista, my friends... today we sent out a one-time email to everyone who has signed the petition on petitionspot.com... because of the way petitionspot.com works, after the petition was created it wasn't possible to modify the information to give folks an update on where things are and what we can do next, so i sent an email to let folks know about this site...

The rest of this entry is an open thread... if you have comments/suggestions/etc feel free to post them in the comments at the end.

I feel hopeful about this... can you feel it? I feel it...


(update... this is a comment from a posting below... since i'm not sure everyone knows how to get to the comments on blogger (i know that i didn't!) i'm putting it here for all to see... thanks for making the call, ben, and thanks for the info... polite and firm sounds like a good strategy:)

I just got a call back from Kevin Straley!

I used the contacts on this blog to call and email Mr. Straley, as well as email all the other execs a bit further down this page. Mr. Straley called me back (I left my home number and invited him to call me if he wanted to talk) within 30 minutes. We talked for about 10 min. The yada yada is that they do not have plans to bring MSNBC back, but if they had a groundswell, they would, so GET ON THE PHONE TO KEVIN STRALEY AT XM!!! BE POLITE AND TELL HIM MSNBC IS A MAINSTAY OF YOURS ON XM!!

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