Wednesday, September 06, 2006

People To Contact! -UPDATED- 

Please spread this information far and wide:

According to two folks who have signed the petition, XM is hearing a -lot- about their decision to remove MSNBC, which they're finding surprising.

We are recommending that you phone both of the following numbers and -respectfully- tell them that you are a loyal XM subscriber and MSNBC listener and that pulling Channel 130, especially at this time, is a mistake and you want the station back.

1. Kevin Straley, Vice President for Talk Programming
202-380-4378 phone
202-380-4633 fax

2. XM Customer Care (which is different than the 202 number we've presented before)
1-800-XM-RADIO (800-967-2346)
say "no"
say "something else"
say "none of those"

have radio id ready

3. Go to http://www.xmradio.com/contact_us/contact_us.jsp

and leave a comment (again you'll need to have your radio id and acct number)... don't select XM News Channels Questions and Comments, but Programs Shows or Misc or General Comments (we're not sure which is best)

Please do this today! (we're at 642)

I just got a call back from Kevin Straley!

I used the contacts on this blog to call and email Mr. Straley, as well as email all the other execs a bit further down this page. Mr. Straley called me back (I left my home number and invited him to call me if he wanted to talk) within 30 minutes. We talked for about 10 min. The yada yada is that they do not have plans to bring MSNBC back, but if they had a groundswell, they would, so GET ON THE PHONE TO KEVIN STRALEY AT XM!!! BE POLITE AND TELL HIM MSNBC IS A MAINSTAY OF YOURS ON XM!!
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