Tuesday, September 05, 2006


we're now at 575 (lol!)

no... that's not the p.s.

a number of folks have asked about Schnauzer Logic... i'm a past/present/future talk-radio host (most recently on AM1080-KSCO in Santa Cruz, CA), and stand-up comedian and my former on-air buddies and i get together once a week to create a 2-hour podcast that's comedy/talk/news/music/interviews and a lot of random silliness... it has the feel of a "morning show", but the language can get PG-13... we do this from a professional studio, so it sounds like radio (which it kinda is)... and during the past few shows we've been talking about the efforts to Save MSNBC on XM and the exchanges i've had with the media... check it out if you like "silly/stupid mixed in with post-modern deconstructed philosophy"

shameless plug -done-
seacrest -out-
(lance bass and mr. sulu, -out-, too)

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