Tuesday, September 05, 2006

(timing is everything) 

quick interesting observation (since this blog is suppose to contain my 'reflections')... on friday 9/1, the last business day before pulling the MSNBC plug, 16 people signed the petition, and we reached 489 signatures... today, the first business day since the programming change, 45 people have already signed the petition,for a total of 572, and its only 10:45am here on the west coast... i wonder what changed? is it a case of people generally not doing something until there's a 'crisis' (in this case, a tiny crisis where the station they were looking for was gone?)... or has there been some kind of increased publicity (not that i can tell from a Google search, though that's admittedly an underpowered research tool)... in other words, why didn't we reach 572 (ok... now its 573) signatures on friday?

second quick observation... on a couple of the XM Fan sites (don't you love fan sites for corporations?) its been suggested that with MSNBC falling behind Fox and CNN in the "ratings" it was natural for XM to pull them... first, cable viewership ratings don't/can't compare to listenership ratings... the two models are very different... for example i watch a fair amount of "E" on cable, but never listen to it on XM... the way i consume the content depends on the medium... look at music on television... its all but gone from MTV, but available in ever increasing variety on XM... and second, satellite radio is a 'subscription' service... and if a desirable demographic of listeners say they want a particular channel then you should be able to sell that demographic to advertisers regardless of the "ratings"... these folks are 'pre-qualified', in sales terms...

it all still seems pretty fishy to me, but what do i know? (grin)... oh, 574 just came through...


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