Monday, October 23, 2006

I Closed the Petition & Heard from Scott Walterman and Kevin Straley 

Sonovista, my friends... the ratio of spam to signatures has risen to over 10:1, so i've decided to close the petition (which has outlasted its usefulness) and point people here instead. Thanks to everyone who signed the petition and made calls, sent letters and emails and tried to change a bad decision.

Last week I sent an email to both Scott Walterman and Kevin Straley asking for an update...

Scott wrote the following:

At this point there is no consideration being tiven to bringint the channel back as a fulltime channel. I am still working on getting Hardball and Countdown somewhere on the platform, but as you can imagine that is moving slowly. Scott

Actually I can't imagine why things are moving slowly, unless XM is looking to bring on -another- freekin comedy channel (sigh)...

I also heard from Vice President Straley who wrote:

Still in a similar place to the conversation we had a few weeks back. I would be happy to discuss this with you or members of your group at your earliest convenience. Best, Kevin

Kevin and I were suppose to talk today but it didn't happen, but he says he'd be happy to talk with members of our group, so please do!

And that's all I got!
more later

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