Sunday, October 08, 2006

In Fourteen Hundred Ninety Two, Colombus Sailed The Ocean Blue... 

Sonovista, my friends... its been a while since I've posted anything... mostly because there isn't much to say... but here's a summary of where we are:

1. Every day somewhere between 1 and 10 people sign the petition... I had decided that if we went for a full 24-hours without getting a new signature, I'd lock the petition down, but like a leaky faucet, the signatures keep drip, drip, dripping in... so the current plan is to wait for a 24-hour period of silence, or 999 signatures, whichever comes first, and then shut it down (the reason for shutting it down, btw, is because i still get a separate email every time someone signs and have to manually approve their signature, which means i get interrupted, literally, 10 times a day!)... and let's face it... signing the petition at this point is ... well, pointless... the plug was pulled and no number of additional signatures will make any difference... we managed to get about 1000 people... that means what it means and, from XM's point of view, it didn't mean much.

2. Every few days I get an email from someone suggesting that XM double-up CNBC and MSNBC on the same channel... sounds like a good idea to me, but my only association with XM is that of a subscriber (well, truth be told, back when XM was on the drawing board i did send an aircheck package to the head of programming at that time, Dave Logan, who actually called me to say that he liked my voice and production skills and would be willing to talk with me about doing voiceover work for XM, but that my shows, while entertaining, were 'stupid' and had no content... and i'll -NEVER- understand how someone in the entertainment business can use that as a reason not to air a show, even if it is true, which in my case it wasn't... Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David have proven that "nothing" is the single thing we all have in common and a show about "nothing" can be very profitable, indeed!)

3. As you may know XM, who had to drop MSNBC because they were out of bandwidth, apparently found just enough bandwidth to launch a !!!FOURTH!!! comedy channel, the new (and presumably short-lived) National Lampoon Radio Channel... now there was no bigger fan of the National Lampoon magazine or the original National Lampoon Radio Hour programs than Me... but the last time the name National Lampoon was attached to anything even remotely funny, Chevy Chase was considered cutting edge... Now the more cynical among us would say that substituting a comedy channel for a news channel is just the kind of thing that Orwell or Huxley or Gilliam would come up with... but the last time Orwell or Huxley or Gilliam was considered cutting edge, Chevy Chase was still funny... Anyway, its a "shanda"...

And that's what I know... Scott Walterman is still working on bringing MSNBC back, but I fear that Rep. Tom Foley will be back sooner... Although from the notes people send to me, it looks like Scott is (or at least was) trying to bring back at least a part of the MSNBC prime-time lineup, so drop him a note and ask how things are going...

Anyway, I wouldn't expect many more updates unless something changes... this blog and the petition project was only to talk about MSNBC on XM... i still do a weekly comedy/entertainment/news/podsafe music podcast called Schnauzer Logic which, as the experts will tell you, is well produced, very stupid, and pretty much about nothing (grin)... and yet more than 1000 people listen in each week from points all around the globe... go figure?! You can get to the show blog by clicking on my smiling face to the right, or by searching for my name or Schnauzer Logic in the iTunes Music Store, where you can subscribe.

For me, well i've set up my little EyeTV recorder on my Mac to record Countdown every night and then copy it directly to my iPod... so i can listen (or watch) it the next morning as i'm driving to work, which is not perfect, but gives me what i want less than 24 later...

And if i'm near an internet connection, i latch on to one of the MSNBC live (and unauthorized) audio feeds that are floating around... I won't tell you how to find them (so please don't email) but if you're clever you'll be able to dig them out (i'm a moron and i was able to dig up two in about 3 minutes)

For now its all about the end of the baseball season... I predict the Mets and the Tigers with the Mets taking it in 5... Also Dewey Beats Truman... And 640k of memory ought to be enough for anyone!


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